The e-Library Project

The e-Library Project 

The e-Library Project by the LDMF Foundation launched its new website and announces its services of e-forum, and e-library (online reading).

The project is a wish of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the LDMF Foundation, since 2011.

Here in his own words, 2016 video message:

e-Library from The LDMF Foundation on Vimeo.

Project Status

The e-Library Projects  is finally ready in its Alpha Version.  Customers can now join the service and enjoy from reading online the original publications by Luis.

The e-books need to be transformed into a new format, and takes only 24 hours for each book. From today on, 28 April 2017, any new reader can choose any of the 126+ e-books already published by Luis, to be read at the e-Library.

Two main highlights of this unique service online:

  • Share with other readers, on an e-forum. Cocreate a community of followers and readers of publications by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
  • Ask questions to Luis, the author, and receive answers in format of video messages, not yet published materials, or not edited, or be the one receiving access to new publications.
  • The e-Library has been gamified, and  by wining points, you are able to extend your membership.

Why is this project so important ?

  • Luis has been dedicated to research and application on the field since 1987. Several publications are waiting for edition and chapters to be completed. Publications are necessary for the development of projects next stages on: innovation technology or advancement of global culture and civilization, peace, human rights, leadership, self-management, strategic business management, governance, family, culture, heritage, legacy, wealth generation, life sustainability and other topics.
  • The e-Library will make all of this publications available in its original format.
  • Luis is aware that false and modified copies by third party has been shared in a black market.
  • When a reader join the e-library knows has the original publication of Luis, and certainty to have access to the new editions and publications.

The Next Stage of the e-Library Project

  • The LDMF Foundation needs of 260000.00 EUR for the next stage of the project: new edition of 126+ e-books, prepare them for paper based publications, and new formats for e-reading.
  • With this project we wish as well to generate funds for several books prepared by Luis that still need to be prepared in its final details or chapters in order to be published.
  • Some books collections will be placed together for e-learning programs.
  • Donations, business collaboration, authors collaboration : contact us.


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